Q: I like to save money. Is there a way I get a discount on my next visit even if I’m not a new client?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Actually, there are a total of three different ways you can save 10% off your next visit. 1) All new clients receive 10% off. 2) All current clients who refer someone new receive a 10% discount off their next visit (yes, the current client and the new client both get the discount!). 3) Go to Google Places and leave positive feedback. It’s really THAT easy!

Q: What all is included in the price of a standard groom?

A: The “Royal Treatment” is standard with all of my grooms. The pampering of your pooch includes a bath with a specialized canine shampoo, a hair cut and style of your choice, trimming of your dogs toenails, anal glands are checked and ears are cleaned to insure your pets continued health, and your furry family member leaves my shop with bows, polish and canine cologne. All of this is included at no extra charge. I have built my clientèle through word-of-mouth. Giving the “Royal Treatment” to each and every customer at no extra charge inspires my clients to tell their friends and family about me.

Q: What are your prices?

A: I am told often that my prices are much lower than other groomers in the area. I don’t believe in charging an exorbitant amount just because others feel like they can. Small grooms start at $27, medium grooms are $35-$45 and large grooms are $50 and up. Q: My dog only needs it’s nails trimmed. Do you do that a la carte? A: Yes, and it only costs five dollars! You do not need to make an appointment for this but you can call first if you would like to make sure I will be there.

Q: How long have you been grooming professionally?

A: I began my professional grooming career in 1988 and have been doing it ever since. I have owned my own shop, worked for other groomers, and worked for a Veterinarian where I also worked as a Vet Assistant in addition to grooming. I love dogs and have devoted my career to working with them.

Q: Do you groom cats?

A: Yes I do. I have also groomed pet bunnies. 🙂

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